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Vu Lan (Ullambana)

Nam Mo Sha-kya-mu-ni Buddha
Dear Most Venerable, Venerable and honored guests.Dear Buddhists near and far
On behalf of the Honorable monks and nuns, I would like to extend the warmest welcome to all on this special occasion, Vu Lan (Ullambana) Buddhist year 2555. Ladies and Gentlemen, Vu Lan (Ullambana) Sutra introduced the concept of filial piety in Buddhism, which has two core teachings.  First, we should learn filial piety
through the likeness of disciple Muc Kien Lien (Moggallana)
in his actions of saving his mother from the fire of Hell.  Despite his powers, he was unable save her.  He needed the combined prayers of monks, nuns and many disciples. Second, one must have the belief in Buddhism and be able to practice the faith in everyday life. 
Filial piety, in everyday living has a plain interpretation - that is, honor one’s parents for their gift of life, repay them by appreciating our lives and achieve fames in their honor.  However, according to Buddhism, the true meaning of filial piety
is selflessly save others, help those in need, and support the Three Jewels, which are Buddha, Dharma and Sangha-  doing so would fulfill duties of filial piety.  The Buddha taught in the Ma-ha-ya-na sutras that all beings in their countless previous lives have at one point been a mother, a father, or a relative.  As long as we exist, we have parents and ancestors.  With this idea in mind, during the Vu Lan (Ullambana) celebration, we heed the teachings of the Buddha and emulate Muc Kien Lien by making offerings to the Three Jewels.  We pray that our parents who are still alive will achieve health and peace, and for our parents who had passed away to be reborn into nirvana; we also pray for the hungry and lonely spirits to be reborn into the world with Dharma.
The 15th day of 7th lunar month, Vu Lan, is a day that the gates of hell open for forgiveness and liberation of lonely and hungry spirits.  While this is the season to pray for the salvation of those who have passed away, we should also help those living in this world.  Where ever there is suffering, there is a hell.  In the “four great gratitude” of Buddhism, gratitude toward the Three Jewels is one of the most important.  We should be compassionate and loving toward all beings. We should follow the teachings of the Buddha to do good deeds and help those in need. We should practice and follow the examples set by monks and nuns.  Therefore, we will fulfill our duties as a pious Buddhist.
Fellow Buddhists, we are proud to be following the RIGHT teaching of Buddha to live happy and peaceful lives in His wisdom. Spread the teaching and allow the tradition to become a part of your everyday life.  Teach the children the great values of filial piety and their duties toward their parents. Celebrate Vu Lan (Ullambana Day) every year to honor our beloved parents and ancestors.
On behalf of all the venerable, let the Vu Lan ceremony begin.
Diễn Văn khai Mạc Đại Lễ Vu Lan 2011 của Thầy qua lời chuyển ngữ của Phật Tử Kim

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